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Dr. Chelsea Drda

Dr. Chelsea Drda is a chiropractor based in Tampa, Florida. She struggled with allergies, asthma, and her weight as a child; finally finding health as an adult through chiropractic care, exercise, and a gluten and dairy free lifestyle. She believes the best way to lose weight, feel better, and thrive is by converting your behavior and choices, not through crash dieting or fad trends. Her affirmation is the key to health is through making small, consistent changes every day that over time add up to a monumental life transformation. Baking is one of the unique challenges of gluten and dairy free living and Dr. Chelsea loves finding new ways to make it easier for busy families to still enjoy beloved treats while transcending an allergen-filled life. She is thrilled to be a guest writer for CookingYourself and also writes her own blog at thefrankclinicofchiropractic.blogspot.com. A generator of positive energy, her mission is to bring you smiles, one dish at a time!